ORDERS FROM THE INTERNET DIRECTLY to your kitchen in seconds

Providing modern retail businesses the flexibility of wireless printing so they can fulfill orders faster and provide better customer service

"I just loved the way it worked. It does what it does and it does it well"
Aaron M

Need a ticket printer to print online orders for your restaurant?

Do you need a better ordering system for your food truck?

Wish you could make your ecommerce business mobile?

Simplify online ordering with wireless ticket printing

  • unnecessary cords and wires are restrictive and not suitable for the modern business
  • most wireless printers are clunky and complicated to set up
  • many ordering platforms require extra steps to receive orders
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Truth is, your customers expect better efficiency


Running a mobile or pop-up business has its set of unique challenges and advantages. 

We understand that.

The retail market is evolving and your customers expect faster and more convenient service.  you have unique needs when it comes to servicing your customers.  Providing your loyal customers an option to order ahead can be challenging for your type of business.

 Uncord Technologies exists to build solutions that help mobile businesses meet these challenges.  This includes being able to receive and fulfill orders no matter where you are.

Our flagship product is our wireless printer allows you to have the flexibility to move about wherever there is opportunity, while not missing an order.

We care about your business because we know what you're going through

Omari Sanders

"I make data dance"

Omari Sanders is a software architect and serial entrepreneur with a decade of experience in developing software solutions for corporations, federal government and non-profit organizations. He has been a partner and mentor to numerous IT firms and aspiring consultants.

Bryan McNeil-Walker

"Automate your hustle"

Bryan McNeil-Walker is an entrepreneur and marketing automation wizard. He has consulted clients in both retail and eCommerce to add over a million dollars in revenue to their bottom line in just the last 2 years.

We help your business print money, wirelessly

1 +
Tickets Printed (2020)

Orders sent through our Uncord printers, saving the business invaluable time and money

$ 1 +
in Online orders (2020)

Additional revenue that our platform has added to businesses through mobile ordering this year

Your business runs more efficiently with Uncord

Online ordering for the modern business — simplified

Serve your customers from virtually anywhere

Wireless technology allows you to take your business on the road without missing a beat

Automate your business processes

Orders get sent directly to the person that needs to get them, eliminating unnecessary steps

Connect with your current software

Integrate your POS or shopping cart directly to one of our devices to allow for seamless fulfillment

Become a leader in the mobile economy

Want to offer wireless printing to your clients?

Businesses that benefit from truly wireless printing

utilizing the Uncord Device Platform


  • Run a more efficient kitchen
  • Reduce reliability on email
  • Maintain physical records

Catering/Food Trucks

  • Print orders without WiFi
  • Serve from anywhere
  • Reduce slow cash transactions

Food Halls

  • Get orders to the chef faster
  • Encourage order ahead
  • Maintain physical records


  • Reduce wait times
  • Encourage order ahead
  • Maintain physical records


  • Shorter merch table lines
  • Maintain physical records
  • Reduce reliability on email

Mobile Services

  • Fulfill orders from anywhere
  • Improve safety
  • Maintain physical records

Connect with your customers where they already are -- from whereever you are.

Learn about our truly wireless printing solutions

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