Building Wireless Solutions for the Pop-up Economy

Uncord helps retail businesses better serve their customers with wireless point-of-sale and fulfillment solutions


Offering order-ahead to customers can be challenging for pop-up businesses. Uncord Technologies builds solutions that help mobile businesses receive and fulfill orders no matter where they are.

Uncord Technologies is a device-as-a-service (DaaS) company dedicated to developing unique products and solutions for the retail, mobile food service, and pop-up business industries.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to clients that meet their unique business challenges.

Bryan McNeil-Walker an entrepreneur who’s 3-part marketing framework has added almost a half a million dollars in revenue to his client’s businesses through his marketing automation agency Alavon365.

Omari Sanders a seasoned software architect and serial entrepreneur in the software-as-a-service (SaaS) space. He has consulted with clients and developed software that has added millions of dollars to corporate bottom lines over the last decade.


utilizing the Uncord Device Platform


Our inaugural product is a wireless thermal printer solution integrated with our Uncord Device Platform (UDP) to provide a 247/365 uninterrupted order fulfillment device to small businesses.

A web-based application that enables consumers to locate and order food from their favorite food trucks around their current location in seconds.  In addition our app assists food trucks in marketing and streamlining their mobile business.




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