5 Reasons to Have Mobile Ordering for Your Food Truck

Bryan McNeil-Walker

As the market for mobile ordering continues to grow, it’s still almost non-existant for food trucks. This means there’s a lot of opportunity for you to expand your business.

5 Reasons to Have Mobile Ordering for Your Food Truck

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As the market for mobile ordering continues to grow, it’s still almost non-existant for food trucks. This means there’s still an opportunity for you to expand your business.   Let’s uncover five little known ways mobile ordering can improve your food truck operation and attract more customers.


1. Your customers are already ordering ahead from their mobile devices a lot

According to Restaurant.org, 90% of mobile users look up places to eat nearby from their mobile devices. This is what’s called “buyer intent behavior.” People normally don’t look for food nearby unless they intend to purchase a meal in the very near future.

Mobile behavior chart

With an easy way for people to order ahead from your food truck, you have an opportunity to grab some of this market share.

When I surveyed people on the street about whether they’d be open to ordering ahead from a food truck, many of them already thought something like this existed.  And that was almost two years ago!


2. The customer experience makes them want to come back

Let’s be real.  The modern cell phone is designed in such a way that almost everything you do triggers a dopamine hit. Button taps make cute noises, notifications  reward ‘completion’, interfaces simulate 3 dimensional buttons, etc.

These features make using a mobile device addictive and this can be used to your advantage as a food truck operator.

Placing an order from a mobile device can almost feel like the customer is playing a game.  With the prize being your delicious food!


Order online with credit


That’s why I believe the mobile ordering market is expected to hit $38 billion by 2020.  The customer experience when ordering from their phone is just more pleasurable.  Less wait times for them means they have more time to actually enjoy their food and it gives your cook more time to prepare it.  Ultimately this keeps your liines shorter so you don’t scare away new customers.

Mobile ordering is safer for your customers as well.  They are less susceptible having their credit card skimmed or intercepted at a POS.

And as far as customer loyalty goes, 2 out of 3 consumers say they will definitely return to a business that they ordered ahead from.


3. Your margins improve due to larger order sizes

People tend to be more cost averse when paying with cash than they are when placing orders digitally.  Check out these stats:

The average online pizza order is 30% higher than one placed in the store according to Revel.

Taco bell reported that their order ahead that 30% higher average checkout value than in-store.

On top of that, millenials tend to have access to multiple payment apps on their phone.  These apps and wallets will have multiple cards stored in them giving them more immediate access to cash that they can use to place orders from their mobile device.


The mobile experience is all about convenience and customers don’t mind paying a little more for this luxury.  We’ve even found that the average checkout value of an order placed in Gopheed.me is 50% higher than the average cost of a food item.

This means that users are adding different extras to their meal that they normally wouldn’t think about adding.

You may be weary of transaction fees and other surcharges that come with mobile ordering.  You can easily offset this by adjusting your prices by a few cents or offering upsells for low cost items like extra sauce or double meat.


4. Customers complain less because their orders are so accurate

Customers often complain on review sites about their order being incorrect.  A lot of this is due to human error on the order taker’s part.


google search business and reviews


Oftentimes this is because the person taking the order will:

  • accidentally hit the wrong item on the POS
  • forget to add or remove an item because they are distracted
  • mishear what the customer said due to an accent or the amount of noise around them

Other times the customer will outright forget what they ordered!

Mobile ordering eliminates these issues because they must confirm everything that they ordered.  The customer is the only human present at the point of sale so any mistake in their order is due to their own error. Over time this will prevent lower ratings coming from inaccurate orders.


5. A less stressful work environment for your team

Since orders come in electronically, your staff doesn’t have to answer phones.  Better yet, you don’t have to deal with phone calls either.

Less phone calls means that you and your team can focus your time and attention on the customers that are at your truck.  It can get hectic sometimes and the last thing you need is to have your hands full with a cell phone during this time.

And with a food truck solution that provides a wireless printer, your team doesn’t have to take any extra steps in fulfilling orders that come in.


Offering mobile ordering for your food truck can set your business apart from competitors as the market becomes more and more saturated.  If you plan to be in business for the next 5 years it may be time to take a hard look at it.


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