Skip the line at Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

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Red Hook Lobster Pound DC

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*Has 1 food truck(s) on the road!

Each day, Red Hook Lobster Pound, DC serves up lunch to hundreds of Washingtonians providing a taste of Maine that everyone enjoys.

On a cool day, you can warm yourself up with a Connecticut style Lobster Roll, a bowl of authentic New England Clam Chowder and a warm apple cider. On one of Washington’s hot summer days, you will find people lined up around the block to get a taste of a fresh, Maine style Lobster Roll, enjoying our Lobster Caesar Salad and washing it all down with an authentic Maine Root Soda.

You have seen us in all the local newspapers; you have watched the stories about us on the evening news and heard the buzz from family and friends. Everyone is raving about “The Lobster Truck” in Washington, DC.


890 Water st, SW, Washington, DC

Skip the line at Red Hook Lobster Pound DC