Skip the line at Smoking Kow BBQ

Smoking Kow BBQ

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*Has 2 food truck(s) on the road!

Established in 2015 as a BBQ Taco Food truck, Smoking Kow BBQ has expanded into 2 trucks and 2 brick and mortar locations. Their pork, brisket, and chicken are hand rubbed using signature spices and slow cooked using real Hickory smoke for hours.  All of their sides are made in-house. 

Check them out at 3250 Duke St in Alexandria or 2910 N Sycamore Street in Arlington (Tues-SundaY), and at our 2 food trucks (Mon-Friday +events).  Or bring the Kow to you!


3250 Duke St Alexandria, VA 22314

Skip the line at Smoking Kow BBQ