Wireless Printing in the World of Mobile Business

Bryan McNeil-Walker

From food trucks to pop-up stores, starting a mobile business is not only easier but a smart move for many new business owners because wireless printing.

Wireless Printing in the World of Mobile Business

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There was once a time when starting a business meant a huge investment – you had to find the right neighborhood, the right storefront or restaurant space, and commit to a long term lease. You would often have to invest your own money to fix up the location, install equipment, and sign year long contracts for all your utilities – internet, phone, electricity.


This was all mandatory to even get started with your most basic business needs – serving your customers, taking credit card payments, wireless printing of receipts, etc. If you chose the wrong space, it was almost a guaranteed way to watch your business fail.


Thankfully today, the business world is a much different place. From food trucks to pop-up stores, starting a mobile business is not only easier but a smart move for many new business owners.


food stand


The world of mobile business comes with a lot more flexibility and less risk. If one location doesn’t work out, you are free to up and move to a better one. As your business grows, you might even reach a point where you really can commit to a permanent location in the perfect neighborhood. Until that point though, mobile businesses do have their own set of issues you’ll want to keep in mind.


If you want a truly effective mobile business, you’ll need to embrace the full extent and power of the mobile wireless world. Cords can literally tie you down!


Wireless printing is a must for any mobile business


No matter what type of business you have – food truck, pop-up store, a stand at your local farmer’s market, etc – you’ll need to print at the minimum receipts and probably order tickets if you are serving food.


At its most basic, wireless printing is the ability to print from a computer or mobile device without having to directly connect to a printer with wires or cords. It’s a standard feature in any future-focused company. The smaller your location or the more mobile you need to be, the more important wireless printing becomes. Having the ability to move your printer around, set it up quickly, and print without any complicated software helps mobile businesses run much more efficiently.  


For a mobile business like a food truck, a wireless printer can be set up anywhere inside or outside the truck to help save space and make taking orders easier when lines get long. By combining your wireless printer with a mobile pre-order app, you could even have customer order tickets printed automatically! The true potential of a mobile business is only limited by the ability and willingness of the company to embrace the full power of the mobile wireless world.



Now that we have hopefully convinced you of the value of wireless printing, let’s talk about your options.


Wireless Printing via Wifi


Most wireless printers run off a wifi network. This is a great setup for most conventional businesses located in an office type setting or a permanent storefront. Getting started is pretty easy – just plug in the printer, get it connected to your office wifi network, and do the same for any devices you want to print from (i.e. computer, cash drawer, etc).


There really isn’t much of a downside to wireless printing via wifi for traditional one-location businesses. You’ll have wifi in your office normally and printing over the wifi network makes sense. The problem is that we are talking about going wireless in the mobile business world. When your office or business location is moving from place to place, standard wifi really doesn’t work.


Food Truck at night


Companies that offer internet and wifi routers usually require you to have a permanent location. You’ll need to connect “to the grid” via a phone or cable line to get the wifi set up. If your business is truly mobile – like a food truck – this is just not possible. Even for a business that takes over a physical storefront – like a pop-up shop – getting a short-term internet and wifi contract is very difficult. A pop-up business that will stay one month at a location doesn’t need or want to sign a 12-month internet contract.


Thankfully there is another option to wireless printing!


Wireless Printing via a Cellular Connection


While most wireless printing options require you to have a wifi network, our solution keeps you truly mobile!


You probably won’t need or want wifi in a mobile business but you will still need an internet connection. Whether you are taking pre-orders via a smartphone app or running credit card payments, an internet connection is still a necessary business expense. So, how do you connect to the internet when you aren’t tied into the grid? Any successful mobile business will tell you via a cellular connection!


Cellular connections today are so much faster than you could even imagine 5 years ago. With 4G and better speeds, running all your business internet requirements via a cellular connection is not only possible but a great option.


Wireless printing traditionally uses a wifi network but to print wirelessly you really just need any sort of wireless network. With our wireless order ticket printer, you can print using a network we already have set up – the Uncord cellular network.  


With our cellular network, you are always connected. If you move your farmer’s market stand to a new market each weekend – you’re connected. If your pop-up store switches to a new location in a different neighborhood – you are still connected. With a cellular network, you can even be connected on the move as you drive your food truck down the road, printing orders from a pre-order app and ready to serve up the orders as soon as you park. It’s almost like magic!


mobile ordering for farmers market


Every modern, future-focused business needs to embrace the wireless world, whether they just start with wireless printing or embrace a totally wireless setup. For mobile businesses though, staying wireless is not just good enough. You also need to stay truly mobile without being tied to the physical grid via a phone or cable line. Thankfully more and more options are becoming available for the mobile business.


Our wireless cellular connection printer is sure to help you stay connected and effective in your mobile business efforts. Let it help you cut the cord and go truly mobile!


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